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We have an almost 4 year old male Beagle who needs a very specific living situation and we are open to inquiries from those who feel they may suit his needs. 


Hubble was not born at Fernbriar, he was brought in from another breeder in hopes he would have a show dog career and possibly sire a litter for us. This was just before Covid shut everything down and as a result he was not as socialized as we would have wanted. Because of his shy nature, we are instead hoping that one day he can find a person who can love him and be his whole world.


He is a typical Beagle in that he loves food and toys. He does very well at home with us, but he thrives on routine and he is very reserved with strangers. New people and changes in his environment are cause for stress for him, but with the right home that could provide him a quiet life with lots of love, support, and patience we know he will be a wonderful companion. He would not be recommended for apartment life, and even an urban setting with close neighbors and activity would not be his cup of tea. A home with kids would likely be too busy for him, but he may be able to adjust to older kids. He would probably benefit from having another confident/laid back dog in the house to shadow and play with but it is not a requirement.  



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If you are interested in information about getting a Cardigan from us, please go to the contact page and send us a message.

Potential new owners will be sent and required to fill out a questionnaire so that we can learn more about their lifestyle, preferences, experience, etc, before being approved.

This questionnaire allows us to keep a record of interested parties as puppies or dogs become available and insure we make the best match possible for their new homes. All puppies are placed with limited registration & spay/neuter contract, and all adults will be spayed or neutered before being re-homed. We almost never place show prospects, but would only do so with a co-ownership agreement.

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