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Walking with Fairies
Doggust 2022
Running with the Wolves
PJ & Edy
Westminster 2021
Cardis Squared
Ghost on the Water
CWCCA Handbook Cover
Logo for Pembroke Specialty
Blizzie & Rocky
Bearded Collie

Mac is a digital artist, specializing in dogs also expands into other subjects. Graduated in 2011 with an AS in Digital Art & Graphic Design, she manages the creation of the Fernbriar website as well as freelancing in original art pieces, kennel logos, and show dog ads. 

When we got her first Cardigan, Handsome, the breed was not very popular all around and finding items like T-shirts and art pieces were not common. One day she hoped that she would be able to create her own designs featuring our favorite breed for everyone to enjoy. Now she has her own account on Redbubble that sells her designs on a variety of products. 

Right now her shop Cardimac features primarily Cardigans, along with some beagles and will maybe eventually expand to other breeds. 

She has also designed the logos for the CWCCA's National Specialty in 2014, 2016, 2019, &2021-2024. 

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